a question for every answer

Q: Do you have an agenda?

A: Of course! Here are the top two:

1-The existence of a thriving paleo biosphere on Mars that held an intelligent civilization is probably the greatest discovery in the history of humankind. As is the fact that some of this life may still exist today, even if limited to microbes and simple plant life. To sequester this knowledge behind the hallowed corridors of NASA/JPL and possibly a handful of people in Washington is both a scientific and historical travesty. Its simply not ok. The other reason is that sooner or later the truth will come out. The more people who know about this and have had time to digest and become comfortable with the reality the less likely our civilization as a whole will become hysterical at the news.

2- Know before you go. Lets assume Elon Musk gets to Mars first with his people. He had better know what he will find there. And he will know that we the public know. So there should be no BS-ing around.

Q: Why won’t NASA at least just come out and acknowledge the animal fossils, fish, iguanas etc. No harm in that right?

A: If NASA acknowledged those items, as non threatening as they are, they would have to also acknowledge the humanoid remains and their structures. It’s a Pandoras Box.

Q: What is your opinion of NASA?

A: NASA and JPL are at the top of their game. They deserve every dollar they get and more. They make great spacecraft and do great science. However, this does not in any way excuse them or give them the right to unilaterally decide to withhold and misdirect the public about what the spacecraft discover on Mars or anywhere else. These discoveries are being paid for by tax dollars from US citizens under the auspices of a so-called public space program. If their orders to mislead the public about what has been found on Mars are coming from certain members of congress and/or our national security organizations then they are indeed in quite a predicament. No doubt there are many players and multiple motives. Mars Surface Anomalies takes the position that a policy of truth, including full and well considered disclosure, is in the long run the best policy.

Q: Do you feel the breach of public trust by the MSL team warrant they be held somehow accountable?

A: No. These top notch scientists are in many ways also victims of the system.

Q: Will you be posting more pictures?

A: Yes. On our FaceBook feed. Subscibe Here.