Men in Black

If we presume that the mission scientists, being the explorers they are, would probably relish in the glory of a scientific discovery of this nature and would not voluntarily choose to ignore or evade addressing this visual data openly and honestly then it could be assumed they are doing so thru direction from their superiors which if the chain is followed must eventually lead out of the scientific community and into higher command structures found in Congress and our nations defense and intelligence community.

It may be obvious why a government and its military would not want to share information of this kind with its citizens due to National Security concerns but what of the citizens themselves? Are there any among us that have a vested interest in keeping this knowledge of Mars a secret? Are there any among us who may feel so threatened by this information that they might actively support and possibly even help sponser the supression of this information? For instance,  what effect might these discoveries have on the power brokers within certain religious and corporate empires. To maintain control a large body of people must remain attached to a narrow historical narative of Earth and mankind and by extension the entire Cosmos. What would happen if these discoveries on Mars challeneged various established paradigms or created a perceived threat to politcal and corporate institutions to such an extent that some would go to lengths to deny this knowledge to not only their own but to all people everywhere. Control the information. Control the message.

On the one hand we have:

The Bible teaches that life only exists on the Earth, for the rest of the universe was created solely for humanity to witness. All life that exists is present on the Earth, so “aliens” do not exist. Therefore, the various supposed sightings of aliens must be either lies, hoaxes, atmospheric phenomenon or the deceptions of demons.

- "Are aliens angels" Verse by Verse Ministry1

On the other hand and  more optimistically we have :

“Christians do not have to renounce their faith in God just because of new unexpected information of a religious nature regarding extraterrestrial civilizations,”

-Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti, Vatican astronomer and theologian.2

“If an expedition of Martians arrives and some of them come to us and if one of them says: ‘Me, I want to be baptized!’, what would happen?”

-Pope Francis3

"If there is life elsewhere in the universe, then you can be sure that God created it and put it there. It didn’t happen by chance — anymore than life here happened by chance..."

-Billy Graham4

"When and if we discover alien life, humans will call it “alien.” Though maybe Christians should call it “our neighbor.” But of course, God will simply call it “good.”

-Douglas Estes "Love Thy Extraterrestrial Neighbor".5

There may be a conspiracy of silence and misdirection from certain vested interests be they political, corporate or religious that fear the brave new world we must eventually step into. A minority that resists change and loss of control. Maybe we as the general public are co-conspirators. Maybe we feel safer in a bubble of willful ignorance. Maybe we simply aren’t ready to know. Or, maybe we are ready to know but just need a little nudging.

So, consider yourself nudged.